Pegasus Elite Athlete Management
Coach Beth Lamie


I want to thank you for 3 great sessions of Progressive Spin. Working with the intensity factor really helped me more this year than in years past. I'm feeling stronger on the bike to start the season, a lot better than last year!

After class, one of the women spoke to me about doing the Duxbury time trials. She said she does them and thought I could do them also. Needless to say, I was intrigued by the idea. Could you give me directions to the course? I'd like to go down this week, check out the course and practice on it. Is it arrowed?

Thanks again. Hope to see you on the road. –Allison

I saw today's tempo run on the schedule (4 miles @ 7:33) and freaked out, thinking I'd never be able to do that especially so close to racing because it's always taken me a lot longer to recover but apparently you have gotten me into the best shape I've ever been in! I didn't hit 7:33 until the 4th tempo mile, but the first 3 were 7:36, 7:37, 7:36 so not far off and I was amazed! I went into expecting to barely be able to hold 7:40s and yeah, it was hard especially when I had a stupid headwind but I did it. I guess I just need to have more confidence and faith in the shape I'm in. But I just wanted to let you know how good it feels and how I think I've improved so much in the last 6 months! Thank you, thank you so much. –Ashley

Coach! The absolutely rockstar excellence of this last schedule compels me to send this missive. This most recent schedule is, without doubt, the greatest I have ever received: clear, exciting, challenging and compatible with my emergency department schedule. Radiance! as they say in Madrid: Gracias! –Charlie

On behalf of the entire Run for the Memory program, thank you so much for speaking at tonight’s team meeting. I heard a lot of great feed back post-meeting (never mind being personally inspired myself to get back into the tri-rink!) I hope you will stay in touch and come back again next year. –Michelle J. Gonzalez

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I completed the Nantucket Triathalon this past Saturday and I couldn't have done with without all your expertise! I have learned so much from you. I am so happy with my first experience. See you soon and THANK YOU AGAIN! –Jessica Conn, Triathlete

I took your [cooling] advice during the run at Buffalo Springs. It was hot and windy and without the cooling effect I would have been toast. Thanks for all your sage advice about racing in the heat! –Dan R, Triathlete

You were so specific about my fueling plan for the race, and I always thought, can it really make that much difference? I wish I had listened to you from the beginning. Whatever you are doing, it's working. –Dave S., Triathlete

You are bringing me to a point I never thought I would get. Thanks, it continues to surprise me that I can manage running 25-30 miles per week!" –Peter Racicot, Triathlete


About the Coach

Coach Beth (Kenney) Lamie is a USA Triathlon Level II coach, a United States Cycling Federation coach and a member of American Swim Coaches Association and USA Track & Field. In addition to coaching Team Pegasus, Coach Lamie served as an assistant director of the Team Vortex, was the Team Manager for the former Fast Splits Elite Triathlon Team. She is a race director with several triathlons and duathlons to her credit, and is currently a co-director of the Plymouth Rock Endurance Triathlon and International Distance Triathlons and the Duxbury Thursday Night Bike Time Trials. She was the co-director of the Marshfield Youth Biathlon which for eight years provided talented young athletes with a safe and challenging course to hone their skills, and was the cross country and track coach for the Duxbury Girl's High School and the masters swim coach at the Hanover South Shore YMCA.

In 2002, Beth Lamie finished 10th in her age group at Ironman USA and 2nd in her age group at the Great Floridian Half Ironman. She has had numerous podium finishes, including 1st age group at Monster Triathlon, Boston and 1st age group at the New York city Triathlon. Beth has completed 7 marathons, including 5 Boston Marathons and is the mother of Caitlin Snow, a professional triathlete, winner of the Ironman USA 2008, the National Under-23 series in 2004 and the 2004 NCAA Triathlon Champion. Mikaela Shea-Kenney, founder of Iron Core Yoga is also Beth's daughter and is the co-director of the Duxbury Time Trials.

Beth has attended 5 Triathlon World Championships and has coached five (self-described) ordinary athletes to the Ironman World Championship in Kona, three athletes to USAT age group worlds and one athlete to XTerra World Championships in Maui.

In 2006 Beth worked with Team Continuum training first time marathoners who are raising money for people living with cancer. These athletes raced in New York, Boston, London and Berlin. That year, five athletes under Beth's coaching qualified for Boston Marathon: Marty Desmery, Caitlin Tormey, Chris Kellner, Peter Kellner, and Steve Ryan. In early 2007, Beth coached Caitlin Tormey for Houston Marathon where she ran a 2:45.50 marathon and qualified for Olympic Trials.

Each year since 2002, several Pegasus athletes complete lifelong goals, including half and full Ironman races, National and World Championships, Marathons, Ultra-distance races and adventure races. In June 2007, Beth was lucky enough to crew for a 4-man team who placed second in RAAM - Race Across America - the world's toughest bike race!

Beth is also the founder of Progressive Cycling℠, a unique indoor cycling program designed to build endurance on the bike without sacrificing power.