Tucker Withington Bio

Birthdate: 0000-06-10
Hometown: Plimoth, MA (yes, that old)
Athletic background:
Triathlon highlights: next year ....
Favorite Food: (Tucker doesn't eat)
Hobbies: Riding Bikes
Favorite workout: #1 riding from anywhere to Bishop's, #2 riding from anywhere to Katie's Sweet's
Favorite city to visit: Franconia, NH
Favorite piece of clothing: A 35-year old Woolrich 'chamois' shirt that's a little threadbare in spots
Favorite vacation: Going to Franconia and reading a book, cover-to-cover, with breaks only to eat at Polly's and Tim-bir Alley
Favorite movies: Blade Runner
What do you eat for breakfast? Tea with soy milk and Demarara sugar
What is your dream bike? the one I can't afford yet
Where would you like to retire? Franconia, NH
Favorite sport to watch: the Red Sox, sitting behind the 'O' on the dugout
Beer or wine: Pinot Noir
Mountains or beach? Snow covered mountains