Rob Simms Bio Ironman image

Birthdate: 0000-00-00
Hometown: Milano Italia
Occupation: Physician
Athletic background:
Triathlon highlights: Hyannis, '99
Favorite Food: quiche or wild boar sometimes both
Hobbies: Being walked by Milo (Jack Russell terrier), sleeping
Favorite workout: Ride to the Clouds century in rain at 40 degrees or hill repeats at Waterville Valley on xc skiis til you get cross eyed
Favorite city to visit: Siena or Florence
Favorite piece of clothing: anything by Craft
Favorite vacation: Cycling in Tuscany with my old lady, Fall '07
Favorite movies: Apocolypse Now
What do you eat for breakfast? Chocolate covered ants doused in OJ
What is your dream bike? Kuota Kaliber in custom pink
Where would you like to retire? Tuscany or Umbria
Favorite sport to watch: Sumo wrestling
Beer or wine: Merlot, esp pre race
Mountains or beach? Mountains, ideally 8-10% grade with snow in winter