David DeSantis Bio Ironman image

Birthdate: 1961-12-14
Hometown: Newton, MA
Occupation: Real Estate Developer
Athletic background: '78-'83 raced motorcycles, '82 National Champ; '75-present water skiing, '92 AG national slalom champion, '80-'84 Bates College div 1 ski team
Triathlon highlights: First triathon: Hyannis '98. Highlights: Training under Beth Lamie (of course) and completing Cranberry Country Triathlon in under 2:40
Favorite Food: Pizza
Hobbies: surfing, go cart racing, motorcycling, snow and water skiing
Favorite workout: Mt. biking or any workout my wonderful coach puts on my schedule
Favorite city to visit: any with a beach
Favorite piece of clothing: jeans and t-shirts
Favorite vacation: skiing anywhere
Favorite movies: Austin Powers
What do you eat for breakfast? peanut butter bumpers
What is your dream bike? orange county chopper bike with a flame job
Where would you like to retire? Hawaii/Vail
Favorite sport to watch: football
Beer or wine: Beer
Mountains or beach? Both