Misko Beaudrie Bio Ironman image

Birthdate: 1970-04-18
Hometown: Accokeek, MD
Occupation: Consultant
Athletic background: I'm a hand-eye coordination sort of athlete, perfect for triathlon aid stations
Triathlon highlights: the last three miles of IM Mont-Tremblant and seeing my wife, coach, and friends at the finish
Favorite Food: Soups and stews!
Hobbies: If I had the time I'd like to turn a wooden bowl or make some wooden kitchen spoons
Favorite workout: swimming Morton's Pond with Neil Withington
Favorite city to visit: Some small village off the beaten path
Favorite piece of clothing: a light wool pullover with built-in mittens, hood, and reflective zipper
Favorite vacation: I'm a big fan of going to Iceland. I also really enjoyed our Lake Placid training weekend.
Favorite movies: Seabiscuit
What do you eat for breakfast? depends on what's in the fridge
What is your dream bike? I love my Cervelo P3 so I'd probably just add some race wheels, a better power meter, and streamers to make it a dream.
Where would you like to retire? Northern Michigan, along one of the great lakes.
Favorite sport to watch: Football
Beer or wine: Ginger Beer
Mountains or beach? Mountains