Chuck Buckley Bio

Birthdate: 1968-03-19
Hometown: Braintree
Athletic background:
Triathlon highlights: Duxbury Beach Triathlon 2005
Favorite Food: Aged N.Y. Strip Steak from Del Frisco's in Manhattan.
Hobbies: Fishing, music, collecting disturbing art
Favorite workout: Biking to Hull and back!
Favorite city to visit: Paris, France
Favorite piece of clothing: I have t-shirts that are literally falling apart but I just can't part with them.
Favorite vacation: Costa Rica surfing for a week.
Favorite movies: The Big Lebowski
What do you eat for breakfast? Yogurt and cereal.
What is your dream bike? 1965 Schwinn beach cruiser - without rust.
Where would you like to retire? Summer - Duxbury / Winter - Thailand, Costa Rica or some other place that is really warm.
Favorite sport to watch: Football or fishing (saltwater... not fresh)
Beer or wine: Beer
Mountains or beach? Beach!