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Coach Beth Lamie

Group Workouts and Training Information

Team Pegasus Cycling StudioThe Wheelhouse

235 Hanover Street, Hanover, MA 02332

The Wheelhouse Cycling Studio offers 'drop in' cycling classes Sunday at 7:00 and 8:45 am, and Wednesday night at 6:30 pm.

Class discounts are available for cycling and triathlon teams who bring 5+ members and 10+ members, and the cycling studio is available for rent to cycling and triathlon teams on an hourly basis (instructor not included).

View Wheelhouse schedule.

Progressive SpinProgressive Cycling℠

Progressive Cycling™ offers indoor cycling sessions that progress at a level that is both individualized and challenging. We will use YOUR power threshold so that each workout is measurable and you are progressing at your rate – not someone else's. With Progressive Cycling™ sessions done on the Cycleops 300 pro indoor cycle, muscular force, aerobic endurance and peak power drills for event-critical durations are precisely dialed in.

You don't have to have a heart rate monitor, but we will be teaching with heart rate and watts (among other metrics) and you will get the full benefit if you have a HRM. The computers on the bikes read any HRM with ant+ technology: Cycleops, Garmin, Timex, - pretty much anything but Polar (we have some that you can rent for $5 per class if you don't have one).

Optionally, you may bring your own pedals and shoes. It makes each ride feel even more like your own bike. We have SPD cleats on the bikes, so a standard spin shoe (mountain bike shoe) that you clip in with will also work. You should bring a sports drink and whatever else you would want for an indoor ride.

Progressive Cycling™ classes at The Wheelhouse start in November on Tuesday, Thursday nights and Saturday mornings through the winter until spring. Classes start at 1.5 hours and work up to 3 hours over a 21-week period. Each session builds on the previous session. Open to members and non-members of Team Pegasus.

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Progressive SpinStamina Ride

Stamina is staying power or enduring strength. The 90 minute Stamina Ride is designed to not only help you endure (hang in there), but to endure with power! This workout uses watts, heart rate, Normalized Power™ (NP), Intensity Factor™ (IF), and Training Stress Score™ (TSS) to create 90 minute workouts that optimize your training time. (Normalized Power™ (NP, Intensity Factor™ (IF), and Training Stress Score™ (TSS) are trademarked metrics of Training Peaks.)

Progressive SpinYoga for Athletes

Why not enhance your performance and prevent injury by adding Yoga to your training plan now? A well-rounded Yoga practice includes stretching to improve flexibility, core stabilization, body-weight strength work and improving balance. Yoga can help you recover faster after workouts, open up the tight areas that hinder performance, and allow for better aerodynamics by increasing range of motion.

Yoga goes beyond simple stretching by working the muscles and joints through all intended ranges of motion - activating the little-used muscles that support the primary movers. The body must be worked through all three planes of motion in order to remain balanced and healthy.

Yoga for Athletes slows down the practice, giving you time to get into various poses and then holding the pose to develop flexibility and strength.

Progressive SpinNormatec Recovery Boots

The Wheelhouse now offers Normatec Recovery boots rental. The NormaTec Recovery System provides dynamic compression and performance recovery for athletes at all levels. Put on a pair of scrub pants (supplied) and sit in our comfortable chair. We will set up the boots and adjust the settings while you read, watch TV or just relax.

Fee: $20 for 45 minutes. Email or call 781-588-7020 to schedule an appointment.

Normatec Technology:

Normatec Recovery Boots use Sequential Pulse Technology, based on normal physiology, to synergistically combine three distinctive massage techniques to speed the body's normal recovery process.

While a healthy athlete's body eventually will recover from an intense workout, using the Sequential Pulse Technology found only in a NormaTec Recovery System for just 20 minutes can speed recovery.

Thursday Night Time TrialsThursday Night Time Trials

The Thursday Night Time Trial starts in May in Duxbury. Come out week after week to improve your strength and speed on the bike on a 20K time trial course. You never know when Mark McCormack or Ironman winners Caitlin Snow, Karen Smyers, Tony DeLogne and Dede Greisbauer will be racing against you!

2014 Thursday Night Time Trial registration is open!

MastersMasters Swimming

Perfect your stroke and improve your speed and endurance at South Shore YMCA Masters with Swim Coach Beth Lamie. Visit the YMCA website to find out about the current session.

Brush up on your pool talk with this handy swimming glossary.

MastersAmerica's Hometown Thanksgiving 5K and 1 Mile Race

November 24, 2013: Scenic 5K, 1 mile road race or walk for fun through historic Plymouth - home of America's first Thanksgiving. Pass dozens of Pilgrim and Native American sites as you challenge yourself on this certified course. Proceeds to benefit The Plymouth Fragment Society. 1 mile run and walk for fun start at 10am; 5K starts at 10:30am. Register »