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Race Reports

REV 3 Quassy June 2013 - Beth Lamie
Middlebury, CT – Rev3 Quassy was held on the hottest weekend of the year as of June 2nd and 3rd 2013. After 6 months of cold, raw, wet, miserable weather, summer came early and the temperatures stayed in the 90's the entire week leading up to and through New England's first Olympic distance and Half Iron distance races of the year...

San Juan 70.3 March 2013: The Race - Beth Lamie
The San Juan 70.3 is a fairly new race, this being its third year. Cait and Tim did this race in its inaugural year and liked it well enough to add it to the race calendar this year. Mike, Cait and Tim are all doing Ironman Texas, and this race fits nicely as a tune up for the full Ironman in May, so we all decided to go. I have 2 clients who I haven't seen in a while (they live just outside DC), and they are both dinged up – one not running; one running a lot, but not cycling. So we decided to do a relay and I would do the bike...

San Juan 70.3 March 2013: San Juan as a Destination (Racing and Crashing in a Foreign Country) - Beth Lamie
This weekend while racing in San Juan (not really a foreign country), a friend of Cait and Tim, and a fellow triathlete was involved in a bad bike crash. He was trying to negotiate a hairpin turn on the course and couldn't cut the wheel hard enough. He went down. Hard. And because he wasn't traveling at a fast speed, he didn't slide...

Xterra Saipan 2013 - Dave deSantis
I hope this summary does justice to the amazing conditions I got to experience yesterday:

The race started at 6:30am. Our hotel is about 2 miles away from transition. I left the hotel and rode my bike to transition at 5am. As I was riding in the the dark, I looked up to the sky and saw a mix of stars and clouds. I still can't believe I'm the South Pacific, nice and warm and no snow! As I get to transition, everything is lit up and the music is getting everyone moving. As the sun comes up you can see how beautiful the water is and the clouds are getting thicker. I'm excited, if the clouds persist, the day will be much cooler with faster bike and run times...

Xterra Philippines 2013 - Dave deSantis
For Christmas this year Kathy gave me a Go Pro. Like the idiot that I am, I left it at home and missed out on some amazing footage. I would give anything to have had that camera on my bike for Saturday's race!

There are so many incredible experiences that I've been exposed to over the past week. I would love to share all of them with you, but the best was the bike leg of race...

Ironman France 2012 - Robert Botard
First of all, what an amazing experience!! The whole family left Wednesday afternoon from Houston and arrived direct into Paris Thursday morning about 8:30. Luggage and bike arrived with no problems – what a huge relief. We had about 2 hours to work our way from the plane to the train that would take us to Nice. It was a little confusing but we made it. The first thing I learned is that no matter how "great" I ever thought I would be at The Amazing Race – in reality, I would be the first one off the show. Granted, they're not usually 'racing' with 4 kids and a bike in a suitcase, but I'm just sayin'...

Ironman Cozumel 2011 - Kristen Dennis
Let's just start this "race report" by saying that I've never written one before and I'm not sure I will do a good job- too detailed…not detailed enough…whatever. I know there will be a few to read it letter by letter, and a few to scroll down, pick out a few key sentences and then delete it and reply with a "Loved the report! Great job and congrats!" response. I fully accept and appreciate even the scrollers. This race was for one person. ME. And yet, I had the unconditional support and felt the enthusiasm from so many that I wanted to let you all in on my day and make as much of it yours as I can. Because anyone receiving this report had, in no small way, something to do with getting me to the finish line...

Ironman World Championships 2011 - Beth & Mike Lamie
Mike and I had the amazing good fortune of being able to spend nearly a month in Hawaii this year - both on the Big Island and in Maui...

Ironman Florida 2011 - Ed McGovern
A few streaming thoughts from Saturday while fresh in my mind ... "it's 3 am and I can't sleep – just lay here, relax and think about the day ahead. Stay calm. Don't get all worked up yet. Can't help it, I'm shaking...

Ironman Lake Placid 2011 - Dana Spencer
We came we saw we conquered! Kinda...
View Dana's blog

Ironman Lake Placid, July 2011 - Peter Racicot
How I became an Ironman...

Ironman Texas, May 2011 - Beth Lamie
Reporting on Mike Lamie's 1st place age group finish!

Ironman Texas, May 2011 - Christina Cruz

Tall Texan Triathlon 2011 - Christina Cruz

Ironman Lake Placid, July 2010 - Neil and Tucker Withington

Black Fly Triathlon, July 9-12, 2010 - Beth Lamie
Might be the most fun I've had doing triathlon in a long time. St. Croix is an amazing destination, and Kona is Kona .... but this guy knows how to put on a race. And talk about getting your money's worth!

Eagleman 2010 - Beth Lamie
Hey, I'm getting better at this! I am actually 4 races behind. Just now posting the Eagleman report, but I also agonized about how to finish it. When you read the report, you'll see why I struggled to focus on the positive aspects of this race...

St. Croix Half Ironman, May 2, 2010 - Beth Lamie

Lone Star Ironman 70.3, Galveston, TX - Dan Rose
Hey Coach, I hope you and Mike are both doing well. Thanks again for the input on the race. Your info along with Rob Simms helped me prepare as much as I needed to the venue. Overall the event went well...

Rocky Raccoon 50 mile Trail Race, Huntsville, TX, February 6, 2010 - Beth Lamie
Why would I do it? Late last year, one of my clients from Texas, Tina Buchan told me that she felt that her training for the San Antonio Marathon was going well, and she hoped to parlay that into training for a 50 mile trail race approximately 2 months later. She had done a 50K (31 miles) race put on by the same organization, this looked to be well organized, and she needed a challenge and so her plan began. Not sure how Mike and I entered into the plan, but I usually try to get to Texas at least once a year to see Tina and my other athletes if I can, and I’ve always wanted to do an ultra, and Mike was looking for something for us to do together. It came early enough in the year, etc., so we decided to give this a shot.
Why wouldn’t I do it? So many reasons...

Ironman World Championships 2009, Kona HI - Mike Lamie
I'm writing this wondering “why would anyone want to read about my Hawaii Ironman experience?” If you are reading this, you’re the one I'm wondering about...

XTerra World Championships 2009 - David DeSantis
I love writing that title. I'm ready to go back to Maui right now! It all started the night before the race. I couldn't get to sleep so I was clicking thru the TV channels and started watching Nacho Libre, with Jack Black. It was hysterical and really helped me relax and get to sleep. I woke up at 4:30 to pee for the 3rd time that night and couldn't get back to sleep (the race didn't start until 9am to accommodate helicopters and camera crews). So I start to go thru the check list, stretch and start eating. At about 6:30 Kathy wakes up and we head to transition at 7 to set up and then back to the room after realizing I forgot my socks. Get body marked and get in line to get blessed on the beach. The helicopters arrive and cameras are everywhere. The officials are attempting to squish 550 jacked athletes into a small section of the beach and keep everyone out of the water until the cannon goes off. Finally the cannon goes off...

Mayflower International Triathlon, Plymouth Iron Distance Triathlon and Aquabike 2009 - Beth Lamie
On Sept. 5th and 6th, the Plymouth Rock Triathlon Festival celebrated its second anniversary, hosting 3 races over the Labor Day weekend.

Lake Placid Ironman 2009 - Beth Lamie

Ironman World Championships 2008, Kona HI - Beth Lamie and Cait Snow

Ironman Lake Placid 2008 - Caitlin Snow

Berkshire Brevet 2008 - Beth Lamie

Wildflower 2008 - Dan Rose

MS150 Ultrachallenge 2008 - James Jacoby & Robert Botard

Lake Placid Ironman 2007 - Seth Chandler

Lake Placid Ironman 2007 - Cait Snow

Vineman 2007 - Dan Rose