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Coach Beth Lamie

Lone Star Ironman 70.3 2010

Lone Star Ironman 70.3 - Galveston, Texas - Dan Rose

Hey Coach,

I hope you and Mike are both doing well. Thanks again for the input on the race. Your info along with Rob Simms helped me prepare as much as I needed to the venue. Overall the event went well. The chop on the swim affected me because of my lack of swimming. Yes I know that must drive you crazy! However the silver lining is that I've got a new and vivid perspective as to how much my lack of attention to the swim section affects my overall place. I'm actually looking forward to joining a masters team and working at it. At the Y with you all, it was easy because while I did not like to swim I liked the company. Now I know if I get my swim in line I'll really help my overall position with the race, which is a internal motivation. Anyway ... here is my write up and please send my best to everyone.

It was a good race overall with all the aspects I was expecting and needed to prepare myself for racing again. My overall time was 5hr 12min which was pretty competitive with the field, however I know what I can do to get better which was the point of this race. Unlike the Olympic race several weeks back which was low key and local affair this was Ironman in all its glory: lines, crowds, support, pros (actually the Pro Championship with serious $$$ on the line). All good in the end because the competition was tough which really lets you know were you stand and what it takes.

Keith Jordan puts on a good race and the course was flat and well supported but the day was hot @ ~90 degrees. The swim was choppy which really set me back further from a time perspective then I had anticipated. Overall, we all suffered but turning in a 48 min effort (@2:30per/100!) was a solid 10 mins longer than I expected. We were actually lucky to get off since the prior day's races had the swim cancelled due to windy conditions and chop. The bike leg was windy but flat so I made up ground on folks and pulled in a fair number of racers with a 2hr35m split (@21.6mph). The run was a four loop course so I was able to see my friend and support crew James "JJ" Jacoby each time and it made strategy pretty straight forward with water and nutrition. While it should have been easy I actually made a mistake on the bike that impacted my run. I was one gel short on the bike so I had it on my second loop of the run, which was too much at once and I almost hurled! That cost me because I needed to walk and go slow to recover. It is obvious from my splits but the nausea memorable. Next time I'll take in more during the bike and start the run with a full tank. Run time 1:42 (@7:50).

Take aways are this: