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Sweat Rate Test/Race Fueling $150

After months of training your heart, body and mind for the marathon, half iron or Iron distance race, why risk having cramping, bonking or gastric distress ruin your race? An amazing number of athletes at any given race will spend a fortune on equipment and hours upon hours of training, only to leave their fueling plan to chance (or copy someone else’s!).

A customized race fueling plan will analyze YOUR specific caloric and nutrient/macro-nutrient needs, while taking into consideration food sensitivities, to provide you with a detailed, scientific fueling plan designed to optimize your race (included in full-coaching program).

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Personal Coaching$175/month, billed quarterly (minimum 3-month commitment required)

Each athlete receives an individual schedule that focuses on that athlete’s strengths & weaknesses, their goals, the event(s) they are training for - sprint, Olympic, Iron, Marathon - and how much time they have to train.

Included in the coaching are swim, bike and run schedules, plus weight lifting (optional) and nutritional advice. I upload the schedule to the athletes on a monthly basis and the athlete may email me with unlimited questions between. The athlete will get swim workouts from me on a weekly basis, so even if they do a master’s program, they will always have copies of swim workouts for when they swim on your own.

Besides just getting workouts, though, the athlete will learn a LOT about triathlon. They will learn what equipment is unnecessary and which will really make a difference. They will learn the best way to set the bike up, how to be prepared for their race, race strategy, optimal race and pre/post race nutrition, injury prevention, as well as the rules of triathlon so they can avoid a penalty during a race. Also, I will help the athlete choose races that would be good to do given their strengths and experience.

References from other athletes furnished on request.

The package includes:

Email Beth Lamie if you are interested in a training plan or for further information.